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      The Woman Behind New Earth Body 

      Handmade Skincare Crafted by Nature

      New Earth Body was created to share with others the natural skincare oil blends I have been making for myself for the past several years. In 2014, I was in my late 20s and my health was starting to decline, but I wasn’t sure why. I started down a road that would lead to a deep rabbit hole of research, self-experimentation, and self-discovery. Six years later I continue to work on my personal health, but I have come so far and I’m feeling the best I have yet in this life.

      How I Got Started: Getting Healthy

      One of the books I read in 2014 provided a historical overview of how plastics came to be used everywhere in our society today. It covered the good, the bad and the ugly of plastics - inclusive of how plastics and other petroleum-based products had made their way into our personal care products. The ugly side of plastics is that they are environmental pollutants and endocrine disruptors.

      Then I went down the internet research rabbit hole of endocrine disruptors - what are they and where are they. The National Institute of Health defines an endocrine disruptor as chemicals, both natural and man-made, that mimic or interfere with the body’s hormones. Endocrine disruptors are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune, and other problems. These chemicals are found in many of the products we buy and use on a daily basis - cleaners, cosmetics, and foods just to name a few of the vast many.

      In an effort to improve my self-care, I started removing plastics out of my life and that included taking a closer look at my skincare products. This is also around the time I started to take a closer look at the ingredients of everything I bought. I read dozens of blogs and other articles trying to find a skincare company with effective, natural ingredients. A company that felt like it had a conscience with a sense of responsibility. I eventually selected a West coast company that wasn’t yet in stores on the East coast of the United States. I used that brand for a couple of years, but never really loved it plus it was expensive.


      So I started looking into do-it-yourself (DIY) recipes and started making some of my own skincare products. I quickly fell in love with homemade oil-based products. With my significant other using the same products, I’ve strived to make oil blends that work for both of us aromatically. That’s why most of my blends are not overpowering with essential oil scents. With his encouragement, I share with others the oil blends I make for ourselves.

      As I designed and built New Earth Body, I kept my friends and family in mind. That’s why all of my formulas are made without common nut-based ingredients like sweet almond oil and shea butter - for those who themselves or their children are sensitive or allergic to nuts. I also have a few friends with skin challenges, which is why a few of New Earth Body’s products are designed to be gentle formulations for those with eczema and psoriasis. 

      My hope is that New Earth Body provides you with healthy and glowing skincare, but also peace of mind in products that don’t contain harmful synthetic ingredients. I have been professionally working since 2007, and have been making oil blends for friends and family since 2014. My skin has become so nourished and beautiful over the past six years that I don’t even wear makeup anymore.


      New Earth Body’s oil blends for face, hands, and body are all designed to provide natural healthy hydration and nourishment for your skin. All ingredients are either certified organic or have non-GMO verification. We buy fair trade and sustainable supplies when possible. All products are bottled in amber glass containers to reduce the impact of UV rays on essential oil products, and to reduce the use of plastics in general. Most, if not all, packaging for shipping is either compostable or biodegradable; and our boxes are from 100% recycled materials.

      New Earth Body cares about people and the planet.